How does the INCI service work?

The COSMILE INCI database provides information on all ingredients that are used in cosmetic products in Europe – that is almost 30,000 substances. All ingredients must be indicated on the product packaging in the form of the so-called INCI names (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

The information contained in the database is updated regularly.


Here’s how to search:

  • Enter the search term as it is written on the packaging of the product, for example METHYLPARABEN.
  • A first overview of hits appears. For more information, click on the respective ingredient.
  • The trivial and/or chemical name or a description is displayed together with information about the functions of the respective substance as well as its occurrence in cosmetic products.
  • In addition, in many cases, additional background information and information on safe use are provided.

In addition to the direct search for an INCI designation, it is also possible to search for German translations and chemical designations. Furthermore, the range of ingredients can be viewed based on substance groups and application areas.

NEW: Find INCI names of contact allergens (test substances).

In addition, INCI information on test substances for the diagnosis of contact allergens can be searched for (see also)

The INCI service automatically links the test substance info to the corresponding INCI names of ingredients that should be avoided in case of an existing contact allergy and provides further explanations. A QR code is also output, which can be used to transfer the INCI designations of the ingredients to be avoided directly into the filter of the COSMILE app.